Pictures with Leadership Themes

[below left] I smiled as my mission to improve the education system was announced.
Graduation Mission Statement to Improve the Education System
1 - Teamwork develops our ability for individual performance
[above right] Teamwork develops our ability for successful individual performance.

1 - Glocal - Balancing local and national interests with global
There is word, glocal, about balancing local, national and global interests.

1 - Reflective practitioner began in practicum refined in MAELM
The reflective practitioner began during teaching practicum, refined at Royal Roads.

To Inspire Others it is Essential that we Seek Out Inspiration
To Inspire Others it is Essential that we Seek Out Inspiration



1 - Satisfaction in a job well done humbled by grand scheme
Satisfaction in a job well done is a reward. Seeing the grand scheme is humbling.

1 - Reaching new heights by working together towards common goals
Reaching new heights by working together towards a common goal.

2 - Reaching new heights by developing a common vision
Reaching new heights together by developing a common vision.

1 - Reading together
Reading together. Providing a model, and the scaffolding necessary for success.

5 - Reading independently
Reading independently. Celebrating success, great and small, every step of the way.

2 - Confucius' Great Peace is within our reach
Looking at Confucius’ words about Great Peace – it is within our reach! A noble goal!

2 - Pandas gently associate creating a thriving community
Pandas associate with gentleness, creating a thriving community.

2 - Adventures begin with an idea and a team
Adventures begin with an idea and a team willing to make progress toward it.
“Good leaders bring people where they want to go.” – Rosalynn Carter

2 - Adventures progress with steps overcoming challenges
Adventures progress with steps taken in the journey. Challenges must be overcome.
“Great leaders bring people where they ought to go.” – Rosalynn Carter

3 - Courageous character coupled with gentleness
A courageous character coupled with gentleness
. This is a balance of dualisms.

3 - Developing thoughtful and reflective practitioners
Developing thoughtful reflective practitioners to challenge and improve the process.

3 - Encouraging meeting challenges suited to capacities
Encouraging meeting the challenges that are matched and suited to capacities.

3 - Permanent whitewater analysis of complexity and changePermanent whitewater – a symbol of the complexity and change in our modern era.

4 - As we grow, we benefit from the shoulders of othersWe should remember, we benefited from and depended on the shoulders of others.

4 - Assistance, practice, and tools for successAssistance, guided practice, and provisions of tools for success lead to development.

4 - Building things together is fulfilling
Building things together is fulfilling. It is joyous helping the young assist in the work.

4 - Developing confidence and independenceOur goal is empowerment: to help others develop confidence and independence.

One big happy family, one big happy school
One big happy family is a way of life for both school and home.

5 - Recognizing skills in others & inviting peak performanceRecognizing skill in others is enabling. Inviting peak performance breeds excellence.

5 - Recognizing and appreciating others by sharing in successEncourage the heart by recognizing and appreciating others, sharing in success.

5 - Demonstrating Creativity in MAELM - hard at work3 - Benefiting from the wisdom and camraderie of elders[above right] I benefited greatly from the wisdom and camaraderie of elders.
[above left] Creativity in MAELM – hard at work! Our team was quite successful. My method? Encourage others. Our team was full of great ideas, and I welcomed them.


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