Here’s the .pdf version.

Paul Blois B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed.
sirblois at Skype ID: sirblois
Chengdu China cellular number: (+86)15882211195

EDUCATION:             Bilingual French, Mandarin Chinese HSK 6
B.C. College of Teachers, Teaching Professional, Certificate #: L180895
« …under the Teaching Profession Actauthorized to teach in the public schools… »                2008Present
Royal Roads University, Victoria, B.C.                             Jun 2015–Jun 2017
MA in Educational Leadership & Management IB accredited GPA 3.6
Wilmette Inst., Distance Educ.  Chinese Religions for Deeping & Dialogue – Feb ’10
Virtues Project International, Beijing, Certified Facilitator Training         Jun 2009
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver                Sept 1997–2005 & Sept 2006–2007
Bachelor of Education – Specialty: High-School Math, Minor: 3) French Education
Bachelor of Science: Major in Mathematics, and 2 Extra Education (EDUC) Minors: 1) Curriculum and Instruction and 2) Education Psychology
Certificate in Liberal Arts & Certificate in Innovative Leadership
Laval University, Québec   FLE Advanced – French Foreign Language Intensive ’07
North American Montessori Centre, Surrey, B.C.                            Oct ’05–Apr ‘06
Preschool/Kindergarten Montessori Teaching Diploma
Oxford Seminars, Vancouver        TESL/TEFL –Certificate                           Jul 2005
North Delta Senior Secondary, B.C.  Honors French Bilingual Diploma            1997
Burnsview Junior Secondary, North Delta, B.C.   Peer Counselling Certificate   ‘95

Maple Leaf International School-Xi’an, ChinaMath, Science       Aug 2017–Present
Pollard International School
, Kunming, China Math, Science, English, Econ.                                                                                 Feb 2017–July 2017
Canada Kunming Secondary School, Kunming, China                      2014–Jan 2017
Full-time TeacherMath 10, Science 10, English 11 & Chemistry 11
Canada Langfang Secondary (B.C. Offshore) School, Langfang, China  ‘13–2014
Full-time TeacherMath 10, English 10 & 11, Drama 11 & 12
Shishi High School, International Program, Chengdu, China                2012–2013
Full-time Math, Economics and ESL Teacher – North American (S.A.) Curriculum
Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University, China     2010–2012
Taught English – taught over 200 students every year. Prepared exams.
Chengdu Foreign Languages School, China [& Golden Apple Preschool part-time] Sept ’07–Jan ’10
Taught English – taught over 600 High-School students & over 200 Preschoolers every year.
Intensive Teaching Practicum, Surrey, B.C.                                             2006–2007
Full-time Public High-School Teacher Math 9, 9E, 10, 10H, 11, LST, French
Kid Castle, Xi’an, China        Taught English to over 200 Children aged 2 to 9  ‘06
Brilliant Star Montessori School, Surrey, B.C.  French, Music & the Virtues  Sept 2005–May 2006
Vernon Army Cadet Camp, B.C.    WO (Platoon Leader) Taught Rifle Drill etc.  ‘96

Assisted teachers implement new curriculum fostering student competencies. 2018
Staff Webinars, ex.: Discuss, Reflect & Apply TED talks to teaching.    2015–2017
Weekly Professional Development. I facilitated empowerment discussion.   ’13–Present

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE:  Cadet Fundraising, Search & Rescue, Tutor    ‘93–’97
Initiatives: Weekly ESL, Gave Presentations, Talks and Dialogues              2003–’06
Facilitated Studies, Taught Children & Teachers of Children             2007–present
Conducted Singing Competitions; Organized Model UN field trips; Events MC                                                                                 Sept 2017–Present

Music & Dance Performer: sang on TV; Chess Award; Intern’l Cheer Comp:
Euclid Top 25%; Excellence in Math & Science 12; Highest Army Cadet Award: National Star
National Athlete: SFU Cheer MVP and Most Inspirational Player; Assistant Coach
Music & Dance Performer: sang before thousands & on TV; Chess Award


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