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Paul Blois B.Sc., B.Ed.
sirblois at Skype: sirblois
Chengdu China cellular number: (+86)15882211195

EDUCATION:             Bilingual French, Mandarin Chinese HSK 5
B.C. College of Teachers, Teaching Professional, Certificate #: L180895
« …under the Teaching Profession Actauthorized to teach in the public schools… »                2008Present
Wilmette Inst., Distance Educ.  Chinese Religions for Deeping & Dialogue – Feb ’10
Virtues Project International, Beijing, Certified Facilitator Training         Jun 2009
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver                Sept 1997–2005 & Sept 2006–2007
Bachelor of Education – Specialty: High-School Math, Minor: 3) French Education
Bachelor of Science: Major in Mathematics, and 2 Extra Education (EDUC) Minors: 1) Curriculum and Instruction and 2) Education Psychology
Certificate in Liberal Arts & Certificate in Innovative Leadership
Laval University, Québec   FLE Advanced – French Foreign Language Intensive ’07
North American Montessori Centre, Surrey, B.C.                            Oct ’05–Apr ‘06
Preschool/Kindergarten Montessori Teaching Diploma
Oxford Seminars, Vancouver        TESL/TEFL –Certificate                           Jul 2005
North Delta Senior Secondary, B.C.  Honors French Bilingual Diploma            1997
Burnsview Junior Secondary, North Delta, B.C.   Peer Counselling Certificate   ‘95

Canada Kunming Secondary
School, Kunming, China                      2014–present
Full-time TeacherMath 10, Science 10, English 11 & Chemistry 11
Canada Langfang Secondary (B.C. Offshore) School, Langfang, China  ‘13–2014
Full-time TeacherMath 10, English 10 & 11, Drama 11 & 12
Shishi High School, International Program, Chengdu, China                2012–2013
Full-time Math, Economics and ESL Teacher – North American (S.A.) Curriculum
Chengdu Institute Sichuan International Studies University, China     2010–2012
Taught English – taught over 200 students every year. Prepared exams.
Chengdu Foreign Languages School, China [& Golden Apple Preschool part-time] Sep ’07–Jan ’10
Taught English – taught over 600 High-School students & over 200 Preschoolers every year.
Intensive Teaching Practicum, Surrey, B.C.                                             2006–2007
Full-time Public High-School Teacher Math 9, 9E, 10, 10H, 11, LST, French
Kid Castle, Xi’an, China        Taught English to over 200 Children aged 2 to 9  ‘06
Brilliant Star Montessori School, Surrey, B.C.                         Sep 2005–May 2006
Taught French, Music & the Virtues Program; Director of After-School Program.
Vernon Army Cadet Camp, B.C.    WO (Platoon Leader) Taught Rifle Drill etc.  ‘96

Staff Webinars, ex.: Discuss, Reflect & Apply TED talks to teaching.    2015–present
Weekly Professional Development. I facilitated empowerment discussion.   ’13–2014

VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE:  Cadet Fundraising, Search & Rescue, Tutor    ‘93–’97
Initiatives: Weekly ESL, Gave Presentations, Talks and Dialogues              2003–’06
Facilitated Studies, Taught Children & Teachers of Children             2007–present

Music & Dance Performer: sang on TV; Chess Award; Intern’l Cheer Comp:
Highest Army Cadet Award: National Star; Best Gold Star; Master Cadet Certificate
SFU Cheerleading: Awarded both MVP & Most Inspirational Player. Assistant Coach
Euclid Top 25%; Excellence in Math 11, 12 & Science 12; paper lauded (EDUC-469).


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