First, regarding my Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI)
TPI Results

Transmission – Apprenticeship – Developmental – Nurturing – Social Reform

Transmission – I am well able to perform the role expected of me by the system I am in, to be knowledgeable and to pass on that knowledge.

Apprenticeship – I understand the right amount challenge to maximize student development, and the balance between providing scaffolding and progressively giving the learner independence.

Developmental – I very thoughtfully consider how learners perceive my lessons, and how they will be able to handle their learning experience. I have been attending to how to best ask questions to encourage inquiry.

Nurturing – I am aware that students who love their studies will be most successful in the future. I share this wisdom with others, and put my heart in as I attend to it. Students are happier as a result.

Social Reform – I value improving society and teach students what they can do to improve society. These are the exciting elements of my curriculum delivery that I am happy to pass on to other teachers.

Next, regarding my Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

LPI Bar GraphLPI Results 1 - Model the WayLPI Results 2 - Inspire a Shared VisionLPI Results 3 - Challenge the ProcessLPI Results 4 - Enable OthersLPI Results 5 - Encourage the Heart


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