Communication Rap

Communication, deserves some explanation,
And that’s why it’s now under our investigation.

Communication involves an integration,
Of self with the people, of diverse nations.

Introverts find this difficult in my estimation.
The reason is lack of confidence and appreciation.

I learned that we must share, the best part of ourselves.
Speaking builds relationships. People feel better ’bout themselves.

Communication is exhilaration. Lack thereof could result in termination.

But I can please the crowds, I can touch the hearts.
I can reach out with stories that hit their mark like darts.

I can reach out to colleagues as mentor and as friend.
Being helpful and of service is my means and end.

I should do this as often like Sesame Street’s Kermit.
In this way I won’t seem at all like a lonely hermit.

I can build bonds, Be suave as James Bond.
Just don’t expect phone calls.
I text, write great email and don’t mind face-to-face drawls.

I love languages and speak several languages.
I enjoy speaking to people in their own language.

This gives me certain insights,
And means I face certain challenges.
Expectations of me are sometimes higher.
It makes me wanna go back and read Wayne Dyer.

I can forsee what students cannot understand,
And help them because because translation is close at hand.

Each word is a key to unlock the meaning,
And used keys are the ones that we find gleaming.

Communication need not be top-down.
We should listen to people, people from all around.

Communication is a two-way street.
We must listen so we hear the intended treat placed at our feet.

Listening should be active, yet allow others to flow.
If we do this the conversation will surely help us grow.

Authentic communication means sharing who we are.
We speak from the heart like a frank yet tactful star.

This is one pregnant topic. Cherished baby beginning to show.
I’d love to say more, but now it’s time to go.