Paul Blois, Educational Leader

Paul Blois
    I was a national athlete [1][2] and am a talented performer having sung on the international stage. I have a wide range of expertise and interests on top of my Math Major: Certificate of Liberal Arts; fluent in Chinese; taught a variety of high-school subjects in China over the past 9 years, Drama, English, Math and Science; a Montessori Diploma, experience teaching young children, and two babies of my own. I enjoy integrating music and arts into curriculum, and integrating subjects. I found the Royal Roads Master of Education Leadership and Management program when I saw news about an option for studying International Baccalaureate (IB), which I am eager to implement. I am aware that I have an impact on future leaders, and our world’s next generation of decision makers.
I am a lover of Education. I declared my mission to “improve the education system” at high-school graduation. I completed minors in Curriculum & Instruction and Educational Psychology, and a 3rd in French Education as part of my Bachelor of Education at Simon Fraser University. I was disappointed to learn from readings that many teachers are unaware of and care little for the research. “At least I can make school better for my own students!”
I am so happy to learn that principals have the power to encourage teachers to learn about and implement research to improve schools. I have an interest in leadership, a Certificate in Leadership and Innovation, and opportunities in the field. I am proud to be part of the enterprise of sharing B.C.’s excellence in education with the world.